TRUTH about Kevin Gordon

Mr. Kevin Gordon and the Campbell County Tea Party certainly do not want you to
know that Mr. Gordon is in fact a convicted felon. The documentation below shows the
convictions of Mr. Gordon.

Not only has Mr. Gordon been convicted of a felony, he has also had multiple other
criminal charges and convictions ranging from ilegally carring a concealed firearm
to fraud against business partners cheating them out of thousands and thousands of dollars.

to read the original court documents showing Mr. Gordon's felony conviction.

Mr. Gordon was sentenced to five years in prison but negotiated the sentence down to
five years supervised state probation.

It is hard to believe that with the known and documented background of Mr. Gordon,
Charlie (Coach) Coleman. would still choose this convicted felon as his campaign treasurer
and is trying to strong arm members of Fiscal Court to give Mr. Gordon a county paid position.

Mr. Ken Moelman Sr. (far right) has used Mr. Gordon as the public representative of IBANK
(Independent Business Association of Northern Kentucky)
. Mr. Gordon has appeared on many
local radio stations from WVXU to WLW to 55 WKRC. Undoubtably these stations have no
idea of Mr. Gordon's checkered past.

to read the court documents showing Mr. Gordon's charges of ilegally carrying a firearm and
disorderly conduct. It was also ordered that the weapon of Mr. Gordon be confiscated by the court.

to read the criminal complaint showing Mr. Gordon's knowingly passing a bad check for $2000.00 (a felony amount)
the actual charge was theft by deception since Mr. Gordon knowingly issued the check.

to read the court documents showing Mr. Gordon's bankruptcy showing his additional poor judgement in
dealing with creditors and other individuals in general.

A bankrupt dead beat Dad has no business advising the county, tea party or anyone else how to
conduct their lives or business affairs.

It is fair to question the morals and judgement of individuals like Commissioner
Charlie "Coach" Coleman and Ken Moellman Sr. for choosing to do business with and/or be
represented by such an individual.