GOP Facts Mission Statement

Campbell County is not only a community we live in but a community many of us have
invested in, started businesses in, encouraged people to believe in.
We literally have our futures at stake.
Our community is poised for a strong and vibrant future. The actions by a few truly threatens our community value.
The vicious attacks on our schools, respective city councils, our libraries, even our public works services will make one who may consider our area to think twice.
We are coming out of a lost decade of economic value.
We cannot risk a compounding of economic decline because
of the political gang actions of a few.

We want our community to thrive. Our community has issues but these people have done nothing but attack each and everything attempted and what has been done.
We have too much at stake to remain silent and more important we have
too much respect for our neighbors and friends to have to tolerate
these bully attacks anymore.

    ...Mike Combs Campbell County citizen, business owner and chairman, GOP Facts committee