TRUTH about Tim Nolan

It has come to our attention here at GOPFacts that washed up Judge and racist Tim Nolan will be serving as a representative for Presidential candidate
Donald Trump at the March 5th Caucus in Campbell County. One has to wonder if The Donald knows that he is about to be represented by one of
Campbell County's most vehement racists.

Here is a picture taken right off of Timmy Boy's Facebook page, with Tim in full Klan regalia trying to recruit people to join the Klan at the bar that he owns in
Southern Campbell County. The real question is how could they possiby make any profit with Timmy guzzling down all the stock?

Campbell County was listed that week in the Whistleblower. We at GOPFacts do not believe this is the type of publicity Campbell County needs.
"CLICK HERE to read the Whistle Blower article"

Even MORE TRUTH about Tim Nolan

Here is a picture of Lloyd Rogers and failed District Judge Timmy Nolan (he still thinks he's a Judge, just ask him)
at the Debate in 2010 where Kevin Sell and Ken Rechtin wiped the floor with the has been Judge and 1 term Judge
Executive when they attempted to change the form of Campbell County government for their usual motivation (personal gain).

Side Note: The issue failed and sadly (for them) "" landed in the trash heap of history

As if all the lawsuits against Campbell County and all the other self serving activities Judge Timmy has attempted and failed...

Failed Judge Tim Nolan attempts to take over the Republican Party in Campbell
County and fails again. Isn't a "Judge" supposed to know the rules?

Here is the complaint that "Judge" Timmy Nolan wrote attempting to oust the current and
LEGITIMATE Republican Leadership in Campbell County.

"CLICK HERE to read the letter."

Even though the letter looks like it was written by a second grader, it was indeed penned by "Judge" Timmy himself.

Even though it looks as if Timmy rounded up a group of people for his attempted takeover only six people
actually listened to the failed Judge and signed the petition.

1. His Daughter Taunya Nolan Jack
2. His son in law Jeff jack
3. His personal stooge Larry Robinson
4. The stooge's wife Mrs. Robinson
5. Gina Parry
6. Fred Otto

"CLICK HERE to read the response by the former
Fourth District Republican Chairman Kevin Sell"

"CLICK HERE to read the response by the Republican State Chairman
Steve Robinson to Larry, Timmy and crew."