TRUTH on the "Red Star incident"

Tea partiers have referred to the "Red star incident" over and over to try to claim unfairness
on the part of the GOP against tea party members. What they don't want to tell you is that
the tea party leadership in Campbell County is NOT comprised of "good" conservative Republicans.

The following is the TRUTH about the "Red Star" incident that all Republicans will want to know.

The preamble of the bylaws of the Republican Party of Kentucky state the following:

"We are the Party of the open door. With these Rules, we seek to transfer the transcendent
principle into accepted practice. But written Rules are no substitute for personal

As Republicans, we are and we must be committed to encouraging the broadest
possible participation in the affairs of our Party. We must and we do encourage every Kentuckian to seek
that level of Party leadership for which his or her talents and energy recommend them. No false distinctions
of age, race, sex or religion shall bar anyone from any Party position.

Devotion to our Party's principles and loyalty to its candidates ARE and should be the only qualifications
for holding any position in the Republican Party
. . . the Party of the open door."

You may download a copy of the official RPK rules on the RPK website.

Our party invites ALL Republicans to be involved with the only REQUIREMENT to be in leadership
is loyalty to the party and our candidates.

Every four years the Republican party reorganizes from bottom to top.
Elections are held for all positions of leadership. Elections are decided by Republicans
who turn out to participate in the process. On March 3rd, 2012 the Campbell County Republican Party
held their reorganization as is required by RPK rules.

167 Republicans attended to be part of the election process. ALL attendees were held
to the same standard (tea party members or not)

The requirements to be elected to leadership positions within the party were as follows:

        1. The person had to be on a list provided by the Republican Party of Kentucky proving that the person
            voted in the last general election.
        2. The person had to not have given financial support to non-Republicans in a partisan race in the last two years.
        3. The person had to not have shown support by written document for a non-Republcan in a partisan race in the
             last two years.

Take note that the requirements do not require nor disqualify for tea party membership

Each person was required to sign in to verify Campbell County residency as well as their adherance
to the above qualifications. As each person signed in they were given a 3" X 5" index card to identify that
they had checked in and identified the participant's precinct name and number.

If a paricipant failed any of the above qualifications their index card was stamped with a red star
to indicate that the person could still participate but did not qualify to hold office ie: precinct captain, co-captain, etc.

Out of the 167 people who attended only 7 were disqualified. Those seven disqualified participants were:

                1. Jack Decker - Alexandria
                2. Erik Hermes - Cold Spring
                3. Jim Pfister - Melbourne
                4. Linda Pfister - Melbourne
                5. Joseph Powers - Fort Thomas
                6. Lloyd Rogers - Alexandria
                7. Philip Robbins - Fort Thomas

These individuals were still allowed to vote and paricipate in the reorganization process even though they were
disqualified from holding office themselves.

No organization would accept as it's leadership an individual who has recently worked against it.
This disqualification in no way limited the participation in elections but simply disqualified the participant
from holding office.

Here is a link to the Kentucky Enquirer article 3/9/2012 about the Republican reorganization. red star article.pdf

There have been many intentional falsehoods put forth by the few who were disqualified in this process. Disloyalty
to their party is certainly an embarassment and the disqualified members looked vigorously for someone to blame
other than themselves.

crying foul does not eliminate the TRUTH that these individuals supported candidates outside the Republican Party, were disloyal, then attempted what Lloyd Rogers through his own statements referred to as a "takeover" of the county party.

Thank goodness that because the State GOP preamble makes the requirements for holding a leadership position in the party so clear this "takeover" was avoided.

When the current county GOP administration was elected, Democrats held a lead of over 3000 registrants and
controlled all but three Campbell County offices. As of December of 2014, Republicans lead in registrations in Campbell County for the first time in history and are close to 1000 ahead.

(that is a net gain of 4000 voters since the current administration was elected in 2008).

Subsequently, after the 2014 election cycle, Republicans now controll ALL county offices in Campbell County.

Senator Jim Bunning understood what was at stake and the accomplisments that had been made in the prior
four years of this administration. Click HERE to watch a short commercial featuring Senator Bunning urging Campbell
County Republicans to participate in the process.

Take notice of the use of the "Red Star" in the campaigns of the individuals who ran for office on a "Tea Party" ticket
even though they were on the ballot as "Republicans".

Many are familiar with the term RINO (Republican In Name Only). There is more than one type of RINO. In many cases
the term RINO is used to describe a person who is registered Repbublican but believes in Democrat ideology.

In the case of the RINOS in Campbell County, the RINOs are people who register as Republicans so that they
may sabotage the legitimate Republican Party and gain power for their own personal gain through intimidation
and deceit, claiming Libertarian ideology.

Loyal and dedicated true Republicans need to know of the gang actions of these few individuals
who are working together to damage Republicans for their own objectives.