TRUTH about Lloyd Rogers

Even MORE TRUTH about Lloyd Rogers

What the people of Campbell County REALLY want to do with Rogers

Maybe Lloyd looks so wild eyed because he can't believe that Mitch would shake the same hand
that spent so much time holding "Ditch Mitch" signs

Lloyd and failed District Judge Timmy Nolan (he still thinks he's a Judge, just ask him)
at the Debate in 2010 where Kevin Sell and Ken Rechtin wiped the floor with the has been
Judge and 1 term Judge Executive when they attempted to change the form of Campbell
County government for their usual motivation (personal gain).

Side Note: The issue failed and sadly (for them) "" landed in the trash heap of history

The following is a capture from the Ken Rechtin for Judge Executive in 2014 page.
If you'll notice, The one term Judge Executive is still up to his old tricks supporting
non-Republicans. He wants to be leadership of the Republican Party? Take a look
at the "Red Star" page explaining why he was disqualified as party leadership.

With this kind of friend of the party, who needs enemies?

Here is a picture of Lloyd propped up in the office he occupies for Congressman Thomas Massie
as his "Director of Veteran's Affairs". It is amazing that after all of the damage Lloyd has caused
his party, all it took were a few sign locations to become a parasite of the taxpayer.

As the picture below displays, party loyalty must not be important to our congressman either.
(Notice that instead of an american flag, our Congressman displays a red star on his lapel in
support of Republicans who have been disloyal to their party.)