TRUTH about John "JR" Roth

Mr. Roth, Along with his criminal and civil dificulties was also a principal in the lawsuit
challenging the library system in the state of Kentucky. The three plaintiffs in the
attempt to destroy Kentucky's Library system were - John "JR" Roth, Erik Hermes and
Campbell County Commissioner Charile "Coach" Coleman.

CLICK HERE to read the Kentucky Enquirer story about the victory of the
Libraries over this political gang.

If these three prominent "Tea Party" leaders were successful in destroying our Library system
under the guise of tax savings, the following would have been the result:

Impact of Loss

Should the Library have been forced to revert to the tax rate set in 1978, the people of Campbell
County would have felt the impact and loss of current library services. A 60% reduction in revenue would:

Force the closing of one or more branches, either temporarily, on certain days of the week,
or permanently. Reduce hours. The Library currently is open seven days a week. (12 hours each
Monday through Thursday; 10 hours on Friday, 8 hours on Saturday, and 4 hours on Sunday.)

Significantly reduce library staff from 83 employees (41 full-time and 42 part-time) to 35
employees, almost all part-time.

Severely restrict programming for children and virtually eliminate programming for teens and

Minimalize, if not eliminate, funds to purchase and replace items in the library’s collection.
Minimalize, if not eliminate, capital expenses for items such as the replacement of computer
equipment or building repairs.
Loans for past construction and remodeling costs must be repaid, even if a building is no longer
in use.

For more information on Campbell County's Libraries and the lawsuits, click here

Mr. JR Roth and the Campbell County Tea Party certainly do not want you to
know that Mr. Roth has recently been brought up on felony drug charges as
well as a conviction of cruelty to animals and has had to be ordered with an emergency
protective order for the safety from domestic violence against his girlfriend.
documentation below shows the convictions of Mr. Roth as well as the legal actions that are
in progress right now.

Mr. Roth was convicted of the drug and animal cruelty charges although the drug charge
was negotiated to go through felony diversion and the animal cruelty charge is currently under
appeal to attempt to avoid jail time.

CLICK HERE to read Mr. Roth's drug charges of illegal possesion of Hydrocodone and Oxycodone.

CLICK HERE to read Mr. Roth's arrest warrant for animal cruelty

CLICK HERE to read Mr. Roth's citation for animal cruelty

CLICK HERE to read the criminal complaint of Mr. Roth's citation for animal cruelty

CLICK HERE to read the criminal Emergency Protective Order and the
domestic violence summons against Mr. Roth

CLICK HERE to read the Forecloseure documents showing the typical
financial irresponsibility that seems to be a common thread among this group.

Both former Campbell County Tea Party Presidents Larry Robinson and JR Roth showing
their disloyalty to the Republican party by publicly working against Senator Mitch McConnell (Minority Leader)

Since it's the St. Patrick's Day time of year, you may enjoy seeing Mr. Roth
again being disloyal to the Republican Party by proudly displaying his "Ditch Mitch"
button along with his beads, Leprechaun hat.

It is fair to question the morals and judgement of individuals like Commissioner
Charlie "Coach" Coleman and Erik Hermes for choosing to do business with and/or be
represented by or enter into legal actions with such an individual.